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We help travel and leisure brands to increase sales

by getting more attention from customers.

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Our Services
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Budding Talent
Budding Talent
Budding Talent
Having been on the receiving end of press releases for the best...
Jo Thoenes

BBC Radio Oxford


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We help travel and leisure brands to increase sales by getting more attention from customers.

We offer PR, digital and social customer engagement strategies for brands who want to change the world.
We’re a curious team – we’re challengers.
We know how to reach your target audience and – we join up the dots with our unique Customer Attention Map (CAM).  Come and see us and we’ll show you exactly what we do.
Why Seriously? Because we get it, we get the job done and we get the results you want and need.

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How We Work

Our approach to PR is about outcomes not hours noted down on time sheets – we get the job done.
We structure all activities around our own simple 5 step CAM model which means everything is 100% targeted towards your business goals and getting more attention from customers.

We keep you informed of progress and success, and we measure everything we do at each stage. It might not be what you’re used to from a PR agency, but it’s more simple, we get better results and we will help you to exceed your growth targets.

More about CAM

All of our campaigns start with a brainstorming and planning session – it helps to make sure that we get started having considered all of your best bits, challenges and key objectives.

From there, everything we do fits around the five key phases a customer goes through when they make a buying decision.

This means that we can slot in the right things in the right places – beautiful features in glossy magazines, informative content on the right websites, advice via email marketing, inspiration on your blog…. everything we do is designed to encourage your customer to buy from you, and come back time and time again.


PR Today

PR has evolved – we’ve evolved. Read about how PR, digital & social work effectively as part of the customer journey.

What is CAM?

There's something you should know - why everything we do is based on getting your customer's attention.

Research & Planning

Want to know what happens first when you work with us?

Social Media

Find out more about our social strategies, content creation, workshops and the 'moment of obsession'.

Want to go on an adventure?

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Our Story

Looking for a small hands-on company who will make a big difference?

If you want an agency with not just PR expertise but content marketing, digital, social and SEO skills, then let’s talk about your campaigns.

We know that buying a set number of hours can really grate so that’s why we don’t sell our time. We have structured packages that provide asolution to your problem and within that budget we’ll get the job done.

We’re attention seekers.  We get your news and content in all the right places so that customers notice you.

If you’re fed up with fluff, time sheets and blah, let us know.


Catherine Warrilow
Catherine Warrilow

Catherine Warrilow

Exciting new projects, marketing, stuff needing doing
Alice B-D
Alice B-D

Alice B-D

A creative combo of client channels & seriously stuff
Lily Morris
Lily Morris

Lily Morris

Creative content, media relations and campaign delivery
Angie Major
Angie Major

Angie Major

Money stuff, invoices, subscriptions and contracts
Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie

Andy Ritchie

Champion of creative thinking, strategies and process.

Our Clients

See the company we keep.

We work across the travel and leisure sectors including holiday accommodation, tourism, destinations and days out, wedding venues and food & drink.

Want a free dinner?  Refer us to a possible new client and go stuff your face!

Press Office

PR Tips

Want to ask a question about PR? We’re always happy to talk.

In the meantime, some of these tips might help with your conundrum.

  • 1. Don’t get hung up on press releases

    Don’t get hung up on press releases, especially if you hate writing. Find a way that fits your brand and personality and get your story out in a more captivating way that feels good to you.

  • 2. Don't expect PR to bring instant success

    Don’t expect PR to bring instant success. People need to know who you are, what you have to offer, why it’s interesting/new/different/game changing. Then they need to build trust – it takes time, but it’s worth it.

  • 3. PR should be a central factor in your strategy

    PR should be a central factor in your sales and marketing strategy, not something you add on. Start with a giant piece of paper and detail how a successful year ahead in business should look. News stories, features, reviews, interviews, expert comments, event attendance, networking, social media engagement, video content – all of it forms the way you communicate and create shareable content – it’s got to be at the centre of what you do.

  • 4. PR doesn't work without a plan

    PR doesn’t work without a plan – throwing a few things around won’t give you the long term, ongoing exposure that you want. You need to know your customer, know your audience

  • 5. Absorb yourself

    Absorb yourself in what’s going on within and around your business and industry. Talk to people! There is nothing more productive than asking people what they do and sharing your story. If you’re open to opportunities you’ll have more than you know what to do with – and here’s the key – this is what it all comes down to – once you’ve got an amazing opportunity to promote your business, grab hold of it with both hands, do everything you need to do to make it work and don’t then change your mind, miss a deadline or leave things hanging.


What the people we do things for think about us.

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Shaun Bowles

I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Seriously PR to work with. I have always had a problem quantifying value from a PR company but I can honestly say Seriously PR is a valued addition to our business, creative and professional at all times understanding the core values of our business and delivering what I consider an exceptional service. As with other independent businesses flexibility is key with constant changes a focus and the team joins in our flexible approach to business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seriously PR to any other business.

Jo Thoenes

Having been on the receiving end of press releases for the best part of 15 years, and knowing what attracts me to some stories and not others, I was interested to find out how agencies like Seriously PR get it right time and again. They revealed that it wasn’t a dark art, but instead a great eye for opportunity and the ability to utilise all the avenues available to you. The fact that Catherine and her team wanted to share these tips proved that it doesn’t have to be cut throat, hostile and aggressive – its about working with the right people in the right way, every time.


You said you wanted insight into industry trends and happenings, tips to make your day ridiculously productive and advice that makes you feel like a superhero.

You got it.

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Case Studies


Seriously Case Studies

You need more customers and more attention for your brand.  Read our case studies and see how it could work for you.

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Looking for a move or want to start a career in PR?

We offer a collaborative, fun working environment in Oxford, freedom to be the real, creative you and make an impact with our ‘love Monday’ approach to everything. Enjoy working walks, Seriously acts of kindness, green leafy space and a joined up, team culture.

Is that you? Read on to find out about the latest career opportunities at Seriously PR.  We are currently recruiting for an Agency Manager.
Just need somewhere inspiring to get your thing done? Our door is always open and we regularly have other PR’s working from our offices.

Right at the start of your career?  Find out more about our hub for budding talent including work experience, graduate and internship opportunities.  We want you to get the best start to your future.

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Seriously Creative Networking Events

Each month we host a networking event at Howbery Park in Wallingford for the creative business community. This isn’t like most events you’ve been to, this is a lively roundtable discussion amongst PR, marketing, web, design, SEO, social types about campaigns, communication, creative challenges, technical things – all sorts – people go away having learnt something new, having met new and interesting people and feeling inspired. This is a free event, you just buy yourself a coffee – and maybe someone else should you particularly like them. We sometimes provide cakes.

“I loved the energy and chemistry in the room today, it was the best non-networking event I’ve ever been to”

For full details and to be added to the invite list and Facebook group

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16th August

Seriously Networking Picnic – August


25th August

The Creative Meetup – August


21st September

The Creative Meetup – September


26th September

Travolution Summit


20th October

The Creative Meetup – October


Ask us how we can get more attention from customers for your brand with our unique 5 step model.
Understand exactly what your customer is thinking during their stay. Find out about the Mystery Traveller.

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