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Case Studies
Having been on the receiving end of press releases for the best...Jo Thoenes

BBC Radio Oxford


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Our services join the dots. Our strategies build brand awareness. Our people are experts and our results speak for themselves.

Give us your excess baggage.

Outcomes not hours

Our approach to PR is about outcomes not hours noted down on time sheets. We set off on a journey knowing exactly what needs to be achieved – what the key messages are, what the call to action is, where your customers are hanging out, what they’re reading, sharing and talking about.

The work we do is all aimed towards joining up the dots between a news story being published, your customers seeing it, and the need for them to see other supporting messages before they will buy from you.

All of our campaigns start with a detailed brainstorming and planning session. We listen to every single word you say.  From there, we’re on it – self sufficient balls rolling.

You want value from our expertise don’t you?  That means that whilst your opinion is really important to us, if we think your idea is a bit squiffy, we’ll tell you – and you’ll get more than the results you’d hoped for when we use our expertise for you.

From here comes the juicy part. We’re speaking to our personal journalist contacts and getting your news out there. We’re coming up with new stories, angles and perspectives that are refreshing, thought provoking and ultimately will be shared.

How we do PR

PR has evolved – we’ve evolved. It’s not just about press releases and pitching stories into journalists. We can influence anyone, anywhere with the right message. The way people consume media has totally changed and we get brand awareness by joining those dots.

Media Relations

Nobody likes a cold call.
We don’t have to start cold because we know the media in the travel and leisure sector. We’ve been building up these relationships for years. Journalists, editors, freelancers and bloggers trust us, rely on us and value the content we produce.

Social Media

Social media strategy and content across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Vitally, we work with you to create engaging, of the moment content. We don’t schedule random posts and leave it at that. We generate engagement and focus on visual impact.

Good Deeds

We’re not precious.
If you’re not a client and we see an opportunity with your name all over it, we’ll give you a call. We’ll help you to put together an expertly packaged up media response, giving you the best chance of getting some nice coverage and brand awareness.

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About Us

We are a small team based in Oxford & London. We’re always happy to come and meet with you so that you can see if you like us for yourselves.

Between us we have a huge amount of experience across PR, marketing, social media, events and communication. We are doers. We’re defined by outcomes, not the number of hours we log.

We’re a pretty straight forward bunch – we’re really good at what we do, we do it with a thirst for creating contagious content and we have fun with our work. We dislike jargon, timesheets, ‘blue sky’ fluff and processes. We keep it simple, we know what we’re doing and we do a really good job for our clients.

Catherine Warrilow

Catherine Warrilow

MD, Planner, Writer, Doer

Exciting new projects,
stuff needing doing
Email Catherine
Katariina Haikara

Katariina Haikara

Account Manager, Original Intern, Doer

Snaptrip, UniversityRooms, Britain’s Finest
Email Katariina
Aisha Kellaway

Aisha Kellaway

Account Manager, Story Teller, Doer

Full Circle Travel, Eynsham Hall, Millets Farm
Email Aisha
Angie Major

Angie Major

Accounts, Number Herder, Doer

Money stuff, invoices, subscriptions and contracts
Email Angie

Our Clients

See the company we keep.

We work across the travel and leisure sectors including holiday accommodation, tourism, destinations and days out, wedding venues and food & drink.

Press Office

PR Tips

Want to ask a question about PR? We’re always happy to talk.

In the meantime, some of these tips might help with your conundrum.

1. Don’t get hung up on press releases
Don’t get hung up on press releases, especially if you hate writing. Find a way that fits your brand and personality and get your story out in a more captivating way that feels good to you.
2. Don't expect PR to bring instant success
Don’t expect PR to bring instant success. People need to know who you are, what you have to offer, why it’s interesting/new/different/game changing. Then they need to build trust – it takes time, but it’s worth it.
3. PR should be a central factor in your strategy
PR should be a central factor in your sales and marketing strategy, not something you add on. Start with a giant piece of paper and detail how a successful year ahead in business should look. News stories, features, reviews, interviews, expert comments, event attendance, networking, social media engagement, video content – all of it forms the way you communicate and create shareable content – it’s got to be at the centre of what you do.
4. PR doesn't work without a plan
PR doesn’t work without a plan – throwing a few things around won’t give you the long term, ongoing exposure that you want. You need to know your customer, know your audience
5. Absorb yourself
Absorb yourself in what’s going on within and around your business and industry. Talk to people! There is nothing more productive than asking people what they do and sharing your story. If you’re open to opportunities you’ll have more than you know what to do with – and here’s the key – this is what it all comes down to – once you’ve got an amazing opportunity to promote your business, grab hold of it with both hands, do everything you need to do to make it work and don’t then change your mind, miss a deadline or leave things hanging.


What the people we do things for think about us.

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I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Catherine to work with. I have always had a problem quantifying value from a PR company but I can honestly say Seriously PR is a valued addition to our business, creative and professional at all times understanding the core values of our business and delivering what I consider an exceptional service. As with other independent businesses flexibility is key with constant changes a focus and Catherine joins in our flexible approach to business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seriously PR to any other businessShaun Bowles

General Manager, Eynsham Hall

Having been on the receiving end of press releases for the best part of 15 years, and knowing what attracts me to some stories and not others, I was interested to find out how agencies like Seriously PR get it right time and again. They revealed that it wasn’t a dark art, but instead a great eye for opportunity and the ability to utilise all the avenues available to you. The fact that Catherine and her team wanted to share these tips proved that it doesn’t have to be cut throat, hostile and aggressive – its about working with the right people in the right way, every timeJo Thoenes

Presenter, BBC Radio Oxford


You said you wanted insight into industry trends and happenings, tips to make your day ridiculously productive and advice that makes you feel like a superhero.

You got it.

How to nail the 30 minute meeting rule

We are firm believers in sitting around the table and working through stuff face to face – especially creative brainstorming and campaign planning. But is it possible to keep meetings really short and sweet?  Some things take time, but they needn’t take... read more

Case Studies

Millets Farm Centre

View Case Study

Oxford Wood Recycling

View Case Study


Looking for a move or want to start a career in PR?


We offer a super cool working environment in Oxford and London, freedom to be the real, creative you and make an impact with our ‘love Mondays’ approach to everything. Enjoy working walks, Seriously acts of kindness, green leafy space and a fun, collaborative environment.

Is that you? Read on to find out about the latest career opportunities at Seriously PR.
Just need somewhere inspiring to get your thing done? Our door is always open and we regularly have other PR’s working from our offices.

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Seriously Creative Networking Events


Each month we host a networking event at Howbery Park in Wallingford for the creative business community. This isn’t like most events you’ve been to, this is a lively roundtable discussion amongst PR, marketing, web, design, SEO, social types about campaigns, communication, creative challenges, technical things – all sorts – people go away having learnt something new, having met new and interesting people and feeling inspired. This is a free event, you just buy yourself a coffee – and maybe someone else should you particularly like them. We sometimes provide cakes.

“I loved the energy and chemistry in the room today, it was the best non-networking event I’ve ever been to”

For full details and to be added to the invite list and Facebook group

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14th July

TravMedia Media Place Event for travel and tourism members – meet the media and discuss PR opportunities.

22nd July

Hosted by Seriously PR: The Creative Meetup – a roundtable discussion for creative folks from 9.30am.


20th August

Hosted by Seriously PR: The Creative Meetup – a roundtable discussion for creative folks from 9.30am.

More dates to be announced soon!

Want to attend one of our PR workshops? Get in touch to register your interest for our summer events.

Mar ‘15: Cult Screens appoints Seriously PR: pop outdoor cinema firm Cult Screens chooses Seriously PR to manage its PR brief, promoting screenings of classics and Oscar winners across the summer months.
Apr ’15: Seriously PR to attend Brighton SEO conference with fellow digital industry leaders.
Mar ’15: Seriously PR champions work experience opportunities and employment skills for young people at Working Knowledge & Dept of Education event.

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