The Mystery Traveller

How many times have you wished you could read a customer’s mind?

You could have avoided that less than favourable TripAdvisor review if only you’d known such a small thing mattered so much to someone.

We’ve talked to hundreds of General Managers and their biggest challenge is always the same – second guessing the customer.  In a world of instant reviews and social sharing, satisfying the needs of the most discerning guest is the most critical objective of a hotel team.

Let us introduce The Mystery Traveller – a comprehensive and cost effective way to objectively monitor and succesfully improve your operation at source.

Use our packages as a training tool, motivational or pre-awards vehicle, or as an evaluation facility.

The Mystery Traveller will provide your establishment with access to a full and comprehensive report process and a pre-determined key performance document that will add significant value to your product.

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With The Mystery Traveller package you’ll find out how to:
  • Understand the customer experience
  • Take advantage of small, unnoticed opportunities to go above and beyond
  • Overtake the competition with excellent service and unique attention to detail
  • Encourage positive word of mouth and reviews
With a jam-packed action plan of fixes, you’ll get everything you need to exceed visitor numbers and room nights this year.


How it works:
  1. We conduct a thorough survey with customers and staff to understand the current perception of your product.
  2. One of our Mystery Travellers visits unannounced.
  3. They review all aspects of their visit from the welcome, food, staff interaction and overnight stay.
  4. You receive an easy to implement action plan that will significantly improve your offer and reputation.
  5. Our reviewer will visit you again after three months for an evaluation meeting to discuss progress and suggest further improvements (at no extra cost).
Key benefits:
  • Find out what missed opportunities you can take advantage of to exceed guests expectations.
  • Identify how to use complaints to your advantage.
  • Understand what information you’re not sharing with guests but should be.
  • Use opportunities to encourage guests to visit again.
  • Capitalise on the major unique selling points of your business.
  • Remove obsolete offers and processes.
  • Take advantage of new opportunities and angles.


“If only the customer had told us what they were thinking, rather than posting a bad review on TripAdvisor”.

We all know how frustrating that is.  And how valuable it would be to get inside the mind of a customer.

So we’re on a mission to help hotels across the South East.  You want to make your customer experience second to none so we’re answering that call.

You don’t have to be the biggest, most expensive or unique hotel to be the most highly recommended in your area.


“We need to know exactly what our customers are thinking and feeling during their stay”

– Eynsham Hall, General Manager.


2016 package (limited slots available) – £2500+VAT total price including surveys, full evaluation and action plan and a free return review and evaluation meeting.
2017 package – £3000+VAT total price including surveys, full evaluation and action plan and a free return review and evaluation meeting.


There are no extra costs or hidden extras – you get everything to make sure your business stands out, attracts more customer attention and grows sales.

Register for an appointment now

Enter your details to register for a 
Mystery Traveller appointment.

Q: What about the cost of the stay?  
A:The cost of the stay and food/beverages will be pre-agreed with you and added to your invoice as expenses.
Q: How many times do you visit?
A: We will have an initial meeting to discuss your objectives.  This will be followed by the unannounced visit.  The process is completed with a return visit after three months to review progress.  All three visits are included in the trip.
Q: Where is the initial meeting held?
A: We suggest that the initial meeting is held off site.
Q: Who will my Mystery Traveller be?
A: You won’t know who will visit until after their stay.  All of our Mystery Travellers are experienced travel and hospitality experts.
Q: I have a problem with a specific staff member, will you highlight issues with people?
A: Personnel issues should be handled by your HR department/representative.  The Mystery Traveller advises on the customer need and systems and processes to address that.  We would advise where staff retraining is needed rather than identifying individuals.